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  • Installation/ commissioning of Ampoule Compact Line
  • Female Business Development Officer (BDO) required at Geofman Pharmaceuticals.
  • Geofman Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest pharmaceuticals industry of Pakistan established in 1973.
Partners Message
Our company M/s. Geofman Pharmaceuticals was established in the year 1973 as a partnership company of 5 partners with the basic concept to provide quality medicines to ailing humanity at comparative low prices and within the reach of poor human beings common man. Our main aim is to serve the humanity and make our business an asset to be presented to Allah on the day of judgement (in Aakhirat ) which is getting near every day. We try to follow Islamic principles in our business from all angles upto maximum possible. Our business is totally interest free in all aspects and our products are declared and certified Halal from authorized Shariat based authority after full scrutinisation of all active and inactive ingredients used in the formulation of our medicines. We keep strong watch and eye on the quality for our products as compared to our annual profits. 

We hope that Almighty Allah will definitely accept our efforts and will reward us accordingly in both the worlds i.e. the present one and in the next near ending life.