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  • Geofman Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest pharmaceuticals industry of Pakistan established in 1973.
  • Installation/ commissioning of Ampoule Compact Line

Welcome to Geofman Pharmaceuticals

The foundation of Geofman Pharmaceuticals was laid 45 years ago,with an intention of serving the nation with high quality medcines at lowest possible prices.Working in a start of an art facility, each employee at Geofman works with commendable dedication and hard work to assist the company in achieving its goals. We have incorporated the best and the most advanced quality control system that ensures that each porduct meets the predetermined quality specifications.

Geofman develops a wide range of products that are easily available throughout the country at prices that makes purchase of medicines a possibility for the poorer percentage of popiulation. Geofman strives in making Pakistan a healthier country and makes continuous efforts for this cause. 
Halal Certification:
Our Products are being certified as Halal by the M/s. Global Halal Assurance (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi Pakistan, who is authorised and licensed by the government of Pakistan thru its authorising organisation M/s. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the companies ordinance, 1984.
“Halal” simply means any item or food that is permitted to be eaten or drink under Islamic Shariat Laws.

Geofman adhering to recognized standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P) as laid down by World Health Organization for the production of pharmaceuticals products confirming to International pharmacopoeias...

Production Capacity (Per Year):

  • INJECTABLES 90 Million amp
  • GLASS VIALS 1.5 Million vial
  • INFUSIONS 3 Million bottle
  • TABLETS 400 Million
  • CAPSULES 90 Million
  • LIQUID 2 Million bottles
  • OINTMENT 3 Million tubes
  • STERILE POWDER 3 Million vials

Innovative solutions to the ailing humanity of the World.

The Ultimate endeavours of our diligent efforts are to get some sort of solution that will eventually �IMPROVES THE QUALITY OF LIFE� of our customers...

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